A Summer in 1993 in Spanish Harlem finally reveals the secret past of Cuban-American cardiac nurse Negra Centron. A childhood secret torments the life and stifles the growth of a beautiful woman. The ancient religion of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, known as Regla de Ocha and Santeria in the Diaspora, is the engine behind this supernatural mystery thriller. This African-evolved religion, with its magic, is the backdrop for this tale of love, hate, deceit, betrayal, obsession, forgiveness, acceptance, and hope. Magic, ritual, and destiny are the threads unraveling this gripping, edgy, mystery/thriller.

Pressured by a suspicious mother, a strange bed-fellow, and an amorous co-worker, Negra battles to keep a childhood secret from unraveling while a restless spirit and the African gods seek justice...

Friday, October 31, 2014


I will hold interviews with some of the film crew professionals who attended the table read next week.  Stay tuned.


There is a club scene in "A Wound In Time", set in 1993. Thinking of making it also a fundraiser for the film with everyone coming dressed circa early 1990's and filmed in the scene. Maybe have a popular DJ spinning on camera...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


What a wonderful table read last night! Most of the cast saw the script for the first time and managed to bring the characters to life without direction. The private reading was for folks who had submitted for production crew positions as I wanted them to hear the story first and then decide if they wanted to move on to being interviewed as part of the "organic process". I am happy to say that they were very impressed with the cast and the story. Many thanks to Anissa Smith, Frankie Ramos, Wanda Colon, Tina Moore, Evan Davis, Michelle Lamelza, Irma Cadiz, Stacey Griffin, Alan Liddell, John Larkin, Steve Devito, Bill Barry, China L. Colston, and Gyavira Lasana! Next phase will be crew interviews next week. Bravo all!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Can't wait to film one of the the bar scenes in "A Wound In Time". I'm gonna have everyone I know sitting at the bar as the camera dollies down the bar catching everyone's face on camera! I see the shot so vividly... Gonna be so cool!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Cast members and I from the Off Off and Off Broadway productions of "A Wound In Time".  A play never dies.  It goes on forever and is brand new with each new cast, each new venue, etc.  Folks who have seen the play, though anxious to see the film version, inquire about the return of the play in hopes of taking a friend or relative who has yet to see it.  Yes, the play shall return one day...
Off Off Broadway production at Nuyorican Poets Cafe circa 2010

Post show outside St. Lukes Theatre at closing night of the Off Broadway production circa 2012

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Check out Frankie Ramos, cast to play Tony Perez in the feature "A Wound In Time" in: TRAILER OF FRANKIE RAMOS IN "THE HARDEST LOVE"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Cardiac nurse Negra Centron has a childhood secret and is pressured by her suspicious mother, "strange bedfellow" Tony Perez, and an amorous co-worker. Her unlikely lover, Tony Perez, is caught in the middle, as his fiery jealous "girlfriend" Lourdes, is in hot pursuit and dead on his trail up in Spanish Harlem! Negra is played by Anissa Smith, Tony is played by Francisco Ramos, and Lourdes is played by Irma Cadiz, who reprises her role from the stage version, in the indie feature "A Wound In Time".

The Santeria priestess Iya Carmen is played by Wanda Colon in the indie feature "A Wound In TIme".

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Vico from East 
Harlem's Little Italy in the feature film, "A Wound 
In Time". Bobby Vico, Tony Perez' best friend and "partner in crime", played by Evan Davis, and 
Barbara Vico, his "Italian Princess", played 
by Michelle Lamelza. What a lovely couple!

Cardiologist Dr. Todd Turnbull Adams is Negra'sboss and takes a special interest in her. Successful professional Clinton Williams, grew up in Spanish Harlem and has a distorted view of the old neighborhood and its people. He hates coming around but he must look after his mom who refuses to leave. How do these two, not in her life, complicate her already complicated life? Bill Barry plays Dr. Adams, and Stacey Griffin reprises his role from the Off Broadway stage play in the indie feature of "A Wound In Time".

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Casting still not complete on the adaptation of my Off Broadway mystery thriller and upcoming indie feature, "A Wound In Time" . Whereas the stage play had 9 characters, the film will have 24 speaking roles, not to mention the many non speaking roles. There will be some familiar faces from the play and new faces in the film. Introducing the male lead, Frankie Ramos, as "bad boy", Tony Perez.