A Summer in 1993 in Spanish Harlem finally reveals the secret past of Cuban-American cardiac nurse Negra Centron. A childhood secret torments the life and stifles the growth of a beautiful woman. The ancient religion of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, known as Regla de Ocha and Santeria in the Diaspora, is the engine behind this supernatural mystery thriller. This African-evolved religion, with its magic, is the backdrop for this tale of love, hate, deceit, betrayal, obsession, forgiveness, acceptance, and hope. Magic, ritual, and destiny are the threads unraveling this gripping, edgy, mystery/thriller.

Pressured by a suspicious mother, a strange bed-fellow, and an amorous co-worker, Negra battles to keep a childhood secret from unraveling while a restless spirit and the African gods seek justice...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


What can I say?  After everyone slowly recovers from the malaise from hurricane Sandy, I can at least say "A Wound In Time" went out with a BAM!!!!  What a lovely turnout for the final performance.  I so appreciate each and everyone who came out during this hectic holiday week.  It meant so much to the cast and I.  Your kind words well remain in my heart forever...
Alzie Rejouis and Stacey Griffin tearing up the stage (literally)

Our guy on congas, Edgar Maldonado
Edgar Maldonado, Alzie Rejouis, Al Roffe, Clarence Leonard Jr., Ron Rivera, myself, Stacey Griffin, and Star Davis outside the theatre

Al Roffe, Clarence Leonard Jr., our Costume Designer Angelina Scantlebury,
Ron Rivera, and Alzie Rejouis in the dressing room
Cast's last bows.  Bravo!